If we are not able to think about a gift, why not give a “Gift Card!”. We can pick a greeting card, and along with it, send a prepaid visa gift card. Visa gift cards are gift cards that are widely accepted. Most restaurants as well as Stores accept visa gift cards. Even if we buy the gift card for someone else, they will be able to redeem it as most places accept the gift card. We also must understand that the visa card is not associated with a bank account.

They are available digitally. When the purchase is done, the Virtual Visa is directly sent via email to the intended person. Moreover, it carries instructions as well on how to redeem it. It also consists of the expiry date, generally the date is mentioned on the front side. We need to ensure that the gift card is redeemed before its expiry date or else it will go in vain.

Different ranges of gift cards are available. However, additional charges are also applied. Cards ranging from 10 to 50 dollars are available and one can choose any amount that we want as per our choice. One more thing we need to keep in mind is that the gift card is not reloadable. The gift card, on certain conditions, is eligible for replacement. Those conditions include lost or stolen scenarios.

Now, as we have seen what a visa gift card is and how it works, let us see the benefits and drawbacks.


  • Easy to use and redeem. We only need to inform prior to the purchase to ensure that the place accepts the payment in that form. That being said, we can purchase anything as per our choice under the range of our card.
  • Can be sent to anyone. It can be sent via email to any person living across the globe.
  • Certain laws make them eligible to not expire before 5 years at least. Moreover, the card can be purchased anywhere. We can purchase it from a store or even certain sites over the internet to sell gift cards.
  • Our identity is not revealed if the card gets stolen. Hence, we can stay assured of the same.


  • They can be used at certain stores or sites only. When we want to purchase anything, we need to ensure that the store accepts this card. If it isn’t, then we are afraid to tell you that you have to look for another place to redeem!
  • And as we said, we can give them to our friend across the globe, it may be possible that the country of residence of the person we are gifting the card might not have many stores that are accepting the gift card.
  • The reusability of the card is also a vital issue. Once we have already spent the amount of the card, we can not use the card again.
  • At certain times, the bank fees are a bit high. We advise you to pick a card that charges less fee.

This was all about visa gift cards. The cards are great to gift someone and hence, can serve as a viable option at times. We hope that the article has served its purpose and will help you in buying them!

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