Key West is renowned as the premier destination for shark fishing enthusiasts, offering exceptional opportunities year-round. Whether you prefer the Gulf of Mexico’s tranquil waters or the Atlantic Ocean’s exhilarating challenges, you can explore depths ranging from 5 feet inshore to well over 1000 feet offshore.

Diverse Shark Species

The waters around Key West have diverse shark species, making every fishing trip an adventure. Among the most common are blacktip sharks, lemon sharks, hammerhead sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks, silky sharks, and more. While blacktip sharks are prized for their culinary appeal, our commitment to conservation means that most sharks are safely released after a brief photo opportunity.

Exciting Fishing Experience

Our seasoned captains ensure an exciting and sustainable fishing experience. They carefully select which sharks to bring aboard for photographs, allowing guests to capture memories of their encounters with these majestic creatures. Fishing excursions typically take place in depths exceeding 100 feet, where sharks weighing over 100 pounds are not uncommon.

Equipment and Fishing Techniques

We provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality reels and rods tailored for battling large fish. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, our crew will assist you in selecting the right gear and technique. Guests can choose the duration of their fishing battle, ranging from intense 20-minute skirmishes to endurance tests lasting up to four hours. While awaiting the big catch, fishing near reefs or shipwrecks also offers opportunities to hook grouper and snapper.

Optimal Seasons and Bait

While sharks can be found in Key West waters year-round, summer stands out as the prime season due to warmer temperatures that attract larger species. To entice these formidable predators, we employ a variety of bait strategies, including live and dead jacks, bonito, or mackerel. Anchoring our vessels strategically allows us to create a chum slick—a mix of ground-up frozen fish—that draws sharks closer for an up-close and personal encounter.

Summing Up!

Embarking on a shark fishing expedition in Key West promises not only thrilling moments battling these apex predators but also a deep respect for marine conservation. Whether you’re drawn by the challenge of reeling in a big catch or the opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, our trips offer an unforgettable adventure for all levels of anglers. Join us for a day on the water and discover why Key West is hailed as a top destination for shark fishing enthusiasts worldwide.

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